The first steps into passive earning

My quite literally first steps into money making

Like many of us, I’ve sometimes encountered passing thoughts of earning some extra money. However, I’ve never really given much thought on how to actually do it. Once I started planning on how to achieve my ambitious goal of 25k, things started to seem more complicated.

In most cases, earning money requires work. Since I am a full time student, and with my current study permit prohibited from working in Canada, I can’t just go ahead and find a part-time job. This is why I started looking into different ways of earning money from home.

During my search I stumbled upon an interesting sounding app called Sweatcoin. The app quite literally pays you for walking, so I decided to give it a try. I put on my runners and left my dorm room right away to take my first long walk. Thus my first steps towards earning 25 000 were indeed “steps”.

Now this must be a scam, right? Who would pay you for just walking! Quite frankly, I didn’t worry about this too much since I figured getting some exercise wouldn’t be a waste even if I didn’t get paid. However, after my first 10 000 steps I was quite interested in learning how much I had earned.

Since one sweatcoin corresponds to 1000 steps, I made about 10 sweatcoins on my first walk. Now, to earn $1000 you need 20 000 sweatcoins which makes one sweatcoin worth $0.05. After doing the quick math, I figured it would take me about three years to make $1000 with my current walking habits.

As it turned out, Sweatcoin wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, since I need to find ways to make money relatively fast. However, I am going to continue using the app and would recommend it to anyone interested in passive earning. I walk quite a lot anyway, so why not make some money on the side! Even if it took me 3 years, cashing out that 1000€ will be so worth it.

Actually, the weather is looking quite nice now, and my hardest finals are already over, so I think it’s time for a little walk 😉

Till next time!

4 thoughts on “The first steps into passive earning

  1. That sounds like a really cool app! I’m going to definitely try it out. Hopefully it will motivate me to walk more 😉 Anyway, great post!

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